Douja d’Or – the wine, the food, the culture, the Monferrato

The tradition of the Douja d’Or

In Piedmont’s dialect “douja” (pronounced “dooya”) was an ancient earthenware jug, used to decant, store, and pour wine. In Asti, the “Douja d’Or”, or “golden jug” is the symbol of the wine festival. Launched by the Asti Camera di commercio in 1967, the event has thrived year after year, becoming one of Italy’s most prestigious wine fairs. This year, Douja d’Or 2020 is going to change format, to highlight, along with the wine which remains the great protagonist, traditional food, the culture of the region and the terroir of Monferrato.

Douja d’Or 2020, every weekend from September 11th to October 4th

Delicious parade opened by the ambassadors of Asti around the world, the Asti Spumante, the Moscato and the Barbera, Douja d’Or 2020 will be the occasion to taste fine Piedmontese wines and typical Monferrato products.

The program is rich and animated by local players, especially the Consorzio Asti e Moscato d’Asti DOCG, the Consorzio Barbera d’Asti DOCG, Piemonte Land of Perfection, AIS Piemonte, and the Associazione Produttori del Vino Biologico.

In many restaurants, bars and agriturismi will be available special dishes, which are not in their usual offer, but they are very representative of the tradition, paired with local wines, menus, and aperitivi.

Masterclasses about local grapes, œno-gastronomic routes, dinners with recipes by renowned great chefs: the new Asti wine fair welcomes you to the 2020 edition!